In order to come up with the best solution, we need to first understand what the problem really is. On the basis of a number of workshops and business analysis sessions, we collect all the necessary information regarding the underlying cause of the problem and to set up a solid strategy in solving it.
Business Model
How is your business constructed? What are the major factors that influence your business? These are just a few questions we will try to answer together during the Business Model session. We will use Business Model canvas to unlock a complete overview of your business. In the process, we will also discover missing pieces of your business and the best way to fill those gaps in.
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Project : Gevity Supps
Value Proposition
Your business must be the medicine for your customer's pains. This is the main premise of defining value proposition for your business. With the help of Value Proposition map, we will compile a customer profile and discover their needs and wants. The exercise will then continue with formulating your business' offerings in the best way that will add value for your customer.
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Project : Gevity Supps
Branding Strategy
People buy not what you do, but why you do it. 

Simon Sinek, author and motivational speaker, once said this sentence in his speech about the Golden Circle Principle - a framework that businesses can use to formulate how it appeals to their target audience. We took this framework to our heart and apply it in our Branding Strategy workshop. During the workshop, we will define together why you do what you do in your business, how you plan to achieve your vision, and what products and services you will utilize in realizing this vision. Our Visual Identity service helps to visualize the outcome of the Branding Strategy workshop.
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Branding Strategy workshop
Business Process Mapping
How can I improve the efficiency of my business? What are the bottlenecks in my business and how do I solve these?

These are some of the questions we will try to answer together during the Business Process Mapping workshop. We will use tools such as Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) and Data Flow Diagram (DFD) in this workshop to help us visualize which activities take place in your business in delivering value to your customer.
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Project : Gevity Supps
Customer Journey Mapping
How to create memorable first impressions and deliver distinct buying experiences to your customer? How do your customers shop in today's digital world? What are the most influential channels and touch points in their customer journey and how can you use those touch points to increase conversion?

In this workshop we will use Customer Journey map to visualize how your customers interact with your brand. The purpose of customer journey mapping is to understand what customers go through and improve the quality of your customer experience, ensuring consistency and a seamless experience at all interaction points and across all channels.
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Branding Strategy workshop
User Story Mapping
How will a typical user use your application? What kind of functions you need to develop in the application in order to meet that user's goals? How do you add value to your product that enhances its user experience?

Once you are ready to develop your first application, these are some of the questions you will need to answer when you are compiling the application's requirements list. Story Maps were first introduced by Jeff Patton in 2005. The main idea behind Story Maps is that single-list product backlogs are a terrible way to organize and prioritize the work that needs to be done. A richer structure is necessary. A user story map is a powerful tool that enable an agile team to groom their product backlog and plan the product releases more effectively.
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User Story Mapping workshop
Interim Product Manager
Do you need help in managing your digital product development? Are you looking for someone who can help you with translating business requirements into epics, user stories, and user tasks that development team can understand and further work on? Are your development backlogs getting a bit out of hand?

Fear not! Our experienced Product Manager is ready to help on an interim basis.
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Branding Strategy workshop
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