Visual Identity
A clear and distinct identity is indispensable for any strong brand. You can only design a visual identity if you know your true identity and what makes it so special. These unique properties and the distinctive character are translated into a visual identity in which all parts of your brand identity come together.
Representing the values of your brand in a single piece of graphic illustration is not an easy task. A logo must be able to convey the brand's spirit, easy to recall, recognizable, and distinguishable. A logo can consist of wordmark, an emblem, or combination of the two.
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Brand Book
A visual identity must be clearly documented so that it can be passed on to any member of the company and it is usually done in a form of a Brand Book. A brand book is a complete guide that explains the brand's identity and covers all the brand elements and its applicationss. It usually starts with presenting the brand's mission, core values, and it goes all the way through design aspects like logo, colors, typography, and imagery. Basically, the brand book will let everyone know how your brand presents itself to the world. You can also think of it as a sort of your brand's bible.
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Company Documents
Visual identity can also be represented in your company documents. To name a few examples: invoice, contract, and pitch deck. A uniformed branding across all of your company documents will add credibility and professionalism to the information that you are conveying through these documents.
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Your visual identity can also be conveyed through the medium of your product's packaging. A good packaging design will not only grab your customer's attention, but also ensure a memorable overall brand experience for your target audience.
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