Our collaborations.
Where we stop, they take over. We have formed a network of top agencies so that we can help you succeed online. From creating a strong brand story and value proposition, all the way to communicating it online through social media and other digital marketing channels, our collaboration partners are ready to help.
Hands, creative agency for amazing brands. We work together with Hands for brand strategy, visual identity, digital design and creative content. Hands are there for organizations that have the purpose to make more positive impact. Organizations that want to distinguish themselves and want to be seen. They have worked for Openluchtmuseum, Innovate Community, Circo, LifePort, and more!

Their Hands shape ideas. They give feeling to brands. Their work moves people. This is why we love working with Hands.
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Social Media Nederland
A brand needs to engage with its target group and what better way to do it than on social media. But as we all know, it takes a lot of time to maintain and manage social media nowadays. And which social media is more suitable for the target group? Don't worry because Social Media Nederland can certainly help you there.
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LIN Videomarketing
LIN videomarketing understands the power of storytelling. They translate your story into a strong online video or animation with impact. They work with our team to produce videos that perfectly match the goals of your campaigns.
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When it comes to Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), automating sales-funnel, leads generation, dashboarding like Google Analytics and Google DataStudio, and management of your online marketing activities, Digitmind is there to help! Their pragmatic approach and no bull-shit attitude is what we like from them and that is why we are happy to have them onboard.
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Woerts Consultancy
Gerrit Woerts has 30 years of experience in business strategy learning and training in various industries. In his 10-year entrepreneurship, he specializes in Visual thinking and Canvas methods, such as Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Canvas. He uses Visual Thinking to clarify complex organizational questions and to develop business strategy. He does this for example for Rijkswaterstaat, Burgers Zoo and for you as an entrepreneur during our business strategy workshops.
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