Curated health products for body, mind, and spirit. Company's name is undisclosed per director's request.
HEALTH started with an idea that you are what you eat. It is the company's strong conviction that our mental and physical health is largely dependent on the nutrients that we consume. So began HEALTH's quest to find the best and the most innovative health products that will enhance the consumer's body, mind, and spirit.

We were asked to help the company to define its Branding strategy and help creating its visual identity. The project then developed to a website and webshop.

So what have we done?
During our Branding workshop, we discovered several key brand feelings and associations that we want to project to the target audience.
We then created a Brand Style Guide (Brand Book) where we defined the main brand elements such as logo, icon, and color pallet as well as guidelines in using these elements on various media (promotional banner, bag, etc.).
We then designed and developed the website and webshop for the brand, that is optimized with CDN (Content Distribution Network) and Redis Caching so that the website loads fast where ever the customers are.
I am very grateful to have found a reliable and effective partner in developing our brand identities and design. When trying to rebrand a company, it is always a challenge to find a partner who can translate vision and philosophy into a captivating and organised logo, design or website. However, the team delivered on all of the above and became a welcome partner in brainstorming and discussing long-term strategies. 5 out of 5!
�My experience with Garindo has been very positive. Hastomi proactively thinks along and with great enthusiasm tells the customer (in this case me) what suits them best. With a structured way of working, to a good result.
Director of HEALTH

  • Business strategy workshop
  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Webshop
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