Interrail & Eurail by Student Mobility
Slow travel through Europe and soak in the experience.
In order to extend its offerings to students in the Netherlands, Student Mobility decided to include Interrail & Eurail passes to their website. Our brief was to create an engaging user flow that will help students easily and conveniently purchase these passes from Student Mobility's website. So we made an app for it!

The highlights:
We started the project by researching similar services online to understand how the typical user flow looks like.
We then created wireframes and ran it through several user feedback sessions to perfect the flow.
We combined Wordpress and React.js in creating the whole UX.
We created an admin dashboard where our client's team can track and manage orders.
The app is integrated real-time with Interrail's server through API.
Ivo's feedback & experience here.
Ivo Kneepkens
Founder of Studenty Mobility
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