Mobility App
Travel booking engine for students and people who work in academia.
Student Mobility wants to explore the idea of creating an app that caters to the needs of (international) students and academic institutions. The app must provide an engaging user experience in searching & planning for a trip by trains & buses in Europe. Additionally, the app must have features that simplify the process of buying the tickets, as well as easy access to the purchased tickets while travelling. Lastly, the app should help shift travel preference towards greener option such as train travel. 

It is a massive project and to create this app Student Mobility will need to get several parties such as partner universities as well as investors on board. One way to achieve that is by creating a prototype of the app.

This was our briefing and we gladly accepted the challenge!  

So what did we do?
We started the project with an intensive multi-day user story mapping session, where we defined the user journey in the app and its functionalities.
We utilized the user stories map to prioritize the features that we want to include in the prototype, because in life you cannot have everything ;).
Based on the user stories map and the prioritized features list, we created a low fidelity wireframe of the app. During this process we drew inspirations for UI and UX from other booking engines. 
From the low fidelity wireframe, we created a high fidelity wireframe and an interactive prototype. With this prototype, Student Mobility can demonstrate the core functions and user experience of the app to its stakeholders.
Based on the prototype, we also created a detailed estimations for the development of the app. Though these estimations are preliminary, it gives an idea on how much investment it will be needed to realize the app and a strong basis to create a development roadmap. 
Ivo's feedback & experience here.
Ivo Kneepkens
Founder of Studenty Mobility
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  • App prototyping
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