Cyber security training & simulations.
In a nutshell
Cyber security is increasingly becoming a very important topic that organization, small and large, needs to pay attention to. Especially when it comes to cyber security awareness and training for the employees. These are the 2 main goals that our client had in mind when they asked us to create Obcydian.

The highlights:
The web application is equipped with intuitive dashboard for target users that are both quite comprehensive but yet flexible to set up due to its modular design. The training admin has the freedom to design study-path and materials that will be included in the course per user groups.
Next to the usual learning modules where users can study various topics about cyber security, the application also features a simulation of cyber attack situations. In the simulation, users are split into 2 groups: Red Group that is in charge for executing cyber attacks, and Blue Group that is in charge for defending the organization from the attacks.
The simulations are based on real-life cyber attack cases, which make the simulations feel more relevant for the users.
Trainers are equipped with various features to track each team's or user's progress during the training and simulations, such as Leaderboard, Performance Graph, and so on.
Ivo's feedback & experience here.
Ivo Kneepkens
Founder of Studenty Mobility
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