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In a nutshell
How do you make tax courses fun?

By gamifying the learning experience and turning it into a competition with your fellow students, that's how!

This was the challenge the company asked us to solve. In the middle of corona, a lot of laerning activities had to take place online and that also applied to this company. So they decided to create an e-learning platform where the whole learning experience can be done interactively, more fun and most importantly remotely, anytime, anywhere.

The highlights:
There are 3 user roles: admin (administrator), trainer (teacher), and trainee (student). Each user role gets a separate environment with separate functions after logging in.
Both trainers and trainees can collect points by completing specific tasks. Combined with their test scores, they compete against each other to get to the top of the Leaderboard (ranking).
If trainees have questions, they can chat with the trainer or group chat with their fellow students to discuss their questions.
A trainer can organize a live class. During the live class, the application tracks trainees' attention and alerts the trainer if a trainee is not paying attention. The application also has other features that help the trainer to maintain high engagement level with the trainees.
Ivo's feedback & experience here.
Ivo Kneepkens
Founder of Studenty Mobility
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