Masterclasses, fitness challenges, benefits, and more for vital employees.
What if there is a platform where employees can access exclusive products & services that are aimed towards their well-being, all within an environment that looks and feels as if it is the company's own platform?

That was how Holivy started. The concept offers a platform for companies to support the physical and mental health of their employees, which is customizable with the company's own branding elements. On the platform, employees can get access to exclusive Masterclasses, take part in various fitness challenges & games, redeem exclusive discounts, and other dedicated services. We were asked to help making this concept into reality so we said: "count us in!".

Here are a few honourable mentions about the application:
We developed 3 front-end applications using React: 1 for Admin (Content Management System) and 2 for the employees (a web & mobile application).
We used our whitelabel ecommerce app MARKTERA as the base, so we did not have to start from the scratch and therefore keeping the development cost low.
The platform is connected to client's other product: Nationaal Werknemer Plan, allowing for seamless service extension for companies between the two applications. 
Real-time connection with a third-party service provider for integration of fitness challenges and user's health data points.
Developed with Privacy by Design in mind, such as encryption between front-end and back-end and utilization of two-layer database authentication, among other measures.
This was our second application project in the Netherlands. To say that the project was smooth-sailing will be unfortunately not true; we were late with our delivery due to delay with the delivery of Nationaal Werknemerplan. But, we are grateful for our client's patience and cooperation through-out this project. We certainly learned a lot from this experience, internally within our team as well as externally with our client. Fortunately, we are glad to say that now the application is used by several companies including multi-nationals and Eredivisie football teams in the Netherlands. Feedback for UX improvements have started to come in from the users so the work is certainly not done, yet!
Without any experience in developing an app and platform, Garindo always made us feel safe and secure. Even after development, Garindo remains involved and thinks along with possible next steps. From day one, and we are still very happy that we chose a collaboration with Garindo and Hastomi.
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Rik van Hardeveld
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